JK Reiki Energy -                    Namaste!


Jacqui and Kimberley
 Master Practitioner

  • Reiki is a Japanese Energy Healing Method.
  • An individual has to be Attuned by a Master practitioner who is fully certified.
  • We carry a  range of services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.
  • With or without the use of essential oils,  to enhance relaxation,  Reiki can help with stress, pain, sleep, or resting in a relaxed state. 

At JK Reiki Energy, Jacqui ( who is English)  works to provide Reiki to Clients.
We would welcome the opportunity to Help You in anyway with Reiki Healing, Crystal Reiki Healing and Readings. 
,in AURORA and Naperville  iL  60503


 by Appointment only.

Also please take time to view Jacqui's Art: