JK Reiki Energy -                    Namaste!

Clients of JK Reiki Energy, for the privacy of our clients we have only used first names or initials

Esther FEB 2017

Kara K nov 2016
MY EXPERIENCE  at JK REIKI WAS FANTASTIC! The actual treatment  was very relaxing. and I felt subtle sensations of energy. HOWEVER FOR ME IT WAS the lasting effects weeks after the session, that have blown me away. I was not expecting the profound impact it would have on me. 
Do yourself a favor , go with open mind and you to may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Reena 2017

Jacqui is very accurate and honest. 

march 2017   LAURIE
Jacqui was great, my first experience with Reiki, and she made me feel very comfortable.

wendy Feb 2017
Jacqui was very insightful and helpful in areas of my life that needed changing. I felt lighter  and more positive afterwards.

Barb Q 2016
The practitioner is very friendly and makes one feel comfortable, The Reiki treatment was great.I left feeling good and relaxed.  I will be going back soon.
Melissa 2016
I booked a Reiki session aswell as a Reading, the Reiki was wonderful, i left feeling much better, The Reading was mind-blowing, she channeled information no one knew, and she helped me put to rest a troubling situation,I cannot recommend her enough!
W 2016
Lovely sweet person, I feel so good after my Reiki session, balanced and refreshed.

BP 2016

Enjoyed it very much, and look forward to more visits!

Sylvia 2016
She is very insightful, it was a great experience!

Jamie 2016
Jacqui is amazing,she is very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable, will be back.

Karli 2016
Her Reading was great and accurate,and i was able to hear from loved ones i've worried about for almost 11 years! Thanks Jacqui

Reena D 2016
I really felt my Reading was true to my life and current situation , I received validation and confirmation about a relationship, and left feeling stronger about making decisions moving forward!

Annette 2016
JK was amazing, kind and specific.I would highly recommend her, I really enjoyed our time, thank you Jacqui

Mary M 2015
Very accurate and honest.

Stacy 2015
In order to get best out of any Reading you have to open up your spirit, jacqui is very friendly and she makes you feel comfortable during the reading!

Make sure you have questions ready , she's very easy to talk to with great energy!