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Photo Courtesy Glancer Magazine, Naperville, iL


Photo Courtesy Glancer Magazine, Naperville,iL



15 min  for  $20 SESSION is Available.

Reiki Session

$75 for 30mins

$120 for 60mins

Please look under Reiki Session for details.


Saging of Business  

$60 for home

$100 for small business or Store 

(larger area would be quoted a price)
 Beneficial for mind, body, and immediate atmosphere.    
Releases and cleanse's  negative blocked energy and brings in positive energy.
Sometimes areas can be affected by a negative  incident, person or group.
Or sometimes children have problems sleeping and so Saging will help to bring the positive back to the situation.

Readings in person

$75 for 30mins

$120 for  60mins

Jacqui can also do Mediumship Readings for you, you will need to bring some questions you would like answers to in order for her to tune into your Vibrational energy. 

Most Clients are interested to know about, relationships, family, work.

Check out the testimonial page! 


 Skype or Face Time  or  Messenger        Readings!

$70 for 30mins

$100 for 60mins.

Skype Name: JKReikiEnergy


Parties for Readings

50 per person 

20 min readings each
 minimum 6 people

Hostess would receive free Reading

 Reiki for Animals

$50 for 30mins

 Note: when  working with animals, we have to wait and see if your pet is willing for us to help, so time wise could be longer.

 Long Distance Healing

$30 for 20mins

In long distance healing, we would need a name and book a time that we would send long distance healing to the  Client, this can be of benefit when a person is say in Hospital, or bed ridden, not in same country for instance.

NOTE: "we offer Gift Certificates"

Please come and check out our  in home STORE!

Young Living Essential Oil Consultant

Crystal Energy Consultant

WE HAVE  2 Places to see CLIENTS, 

2212, WILDHORSE drive, Aurora, 60503, 
and a New Suite Share in DT NAPERVILLE!