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OPEN DAY 8/8/15

We are Having an Angel Day on Saturday 8th August, 10-5pm, 10mins for $10.

NEW suite!

Hi All,
so excited we have moved in to our new Suite in DT Naperville, Open Day went really well.
We also opened our new on line Store at JKReikiStore.com, check it out!

Open Day

July 11th 11-4pm. I will be having a Meet and Greet Open  Day at 333, River Bend!

Reiki, Reading by Donation!

Saturday 30th May! 
Readings and Reiki by Donation, at 200b, River Bend ! 10-4pm
Great day, very exhausting but fun!

Moving Address!

Exciting News.... from July 1st 2015, our new address for seeing Clients will be...
475, River Bend, ste 333, Naperville iL, 60540.

Walk-in Readings This Saturday May 2nd!


Walk- in Readings Saturday 2nd May, 10-4pm

I am doing 15min Readings for $20.

At  475, River Bend, suite 200B, Naperville,il. ( cream building, next to Meson Sebeka)

Please bring your questions, you would like answers to! :)

Groupon offer!

We have a Groupon Offer going on for in-person Readings or Skype/Facetime Readings! 
30 min sessions for half price!


Hi All. 
its been a while since had the time to do a Blog here. This year running away with us already!
We've had our poor dog pass this year, he was 14yrs old, he was having seizure's, we helped him with our Reiki Healing and Essential Oils, such a blessing .

On a lighter note, this coming month of  May, we are offering $10 off a Reiki Session.

Also I can do Readings over the phone now, which is fun and helpful to Clients.

Sold a few Paintings, so thats always a plus.

Please get in touch, if you have any questions, Thanks, Jacqui, Namaste!


Hi all, 
Quick update!
We have been really busy since Jan!  Readings, Reiki.
Paintings Commisioned! 
But what is exciting is we have managed to do telephone readings, via Skype.
So not a lot of time to think, which has been fun.

Essential oils!

Now where to begin to talk about Essential Oils and their uses.
We use several oils in our Reiki Energy Healing Business, to help, relax and soothe our Clients.
Certain oils are for health issues, or for relaxation, they can be diffused, inhaled in hot water, or compresses, help with congestion or to just freshen up a room.
Some can be used with a carrier oil.

The ones we use are put on our hands neat, as we use them for our Clients to help soothe and relax.
They are  natural oils, so are quiet strong, so only a few drops are required.