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Open Day

July 11th 11-4pm. I will be having a Meet and Greet Open  Day at 333, River Bend!

Reiki, Reading by Donation!

Saturday 30th May! 
Readings and Reiki by Donation, at 200b, River Bend ! 10-4pm
Great day, very exhausting but fun!

Moving Address!

Exciting News.... from July 1st 2015, our new address for seeing Clients will be...
475, River Bend, ste 333, Naperville iL, 60540.

Walk-in Readings This Saturday May 2nd!


Walk- in Readings Saturday 2nd May, 10-4pm

I am doing 15min Readings for $20.

At  475, River Bend, suite 200B, Naperville,il. ( cream building, next to Meson Sebeka)

Please bring your questions, you would like answers to! :)


Hi all, 
Quick update!
We have been really busy since Jan!  Readings, Reiki.
Paintings Commisioned! 
But what is exciting is we have managed to do telephone readings, via Skype.
So not a lot of time to think, which has been fun.


BTW! week before UK Trip, we had a flood at house!

Interesting to say the least!
Carpets soaked in basement, allsorts of stuff ruined, but I suppose I had been complaining about getting rid of  some things, so that made us get on and do it!
what a mess though, never had a flood before, so understand  the dead tiredness of trying to get your space back to normal!
Anyway nice kind loss adjusters came, saw, and paid me! not as much as I lost, but still some help.
Hope if you out there had same, you managed to go with the flow, so to speak!


On the subject of when I do a Reading!

My daughter pointed out to me, you must tell your Clients that don"t know you that you talk in a Reading like a conversation, and tell them when you have started! and that you talk faster!  and that I get scenario's from my life as examples to pass on to others!
I may ask you to repeat questions sometimes, as I hear,see and feel, also get numbers and names.
So there I've explained a little of what I do in a Reading! :)

Back from UK

Well at last managed to get in a new Post!

Although while I have been away, certain spam guys have sent some strange emails and comments!, mostly deleted!
so if any get through, I apologize already!

It was same with security to and from Uk/USA!

What with extra checks for a token female passenger! and then i forgot stuff that was suppose  to go in  cargo case, so pulled aside, then dogs checking cases! eventful to say the least! no films worth looking at, so totally boring, airplane food not the best either!

UK Bound!

Well I'm UK bound soon, my mum has not seen me in a few years.
so I guess these next lot of posts will have to come later!

Medium Group Meeting

I meet with a group of like minded people once or more a month, and always  something happens! never disappoints, always interesting.
Whether we just talk, help someone cross over who was  stuck, give advice, the joint energy is a great boast!
There,s usually some new people that have found there way to the meeting, I had a few experiences during the meeting, and waited to pass on a few messages at the end.
so another  good evening.