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Buddhist Temple Visit!

Well all had a few weeks break!

My daughter and I went to see a Buddhist Temple in Chicago this week, for her College class. Needless to say I have wanted to go to one for a long time. So I asked her to let me go with her!

It was an interesting place, the ride down was Slow! and then we had to find the Temple, in one of the less than salubrious area's, but hey we survived it! even saw a huge lizard in someone's window staring at us.

There are 4 main lineages in Tibetan Buddhism.

This particular one is under  His Holiness 17th Gyalwang Karmapa  Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

This meditation center was in a plain looking building, the actual meditation room was upstairs.

The Teacher (Lama)  there told us the history, did a short meditation, pointed out all the Buddha's. I rather liked the Green Tara Buddha, for compassion. a woman, so of course I liked that one, as alot of the Buddha's are men, I'm all for equality!

Felt very calm after wards. and an enjoyable time.

Meditation is similar to what we do before we do a Reiki session.

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