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Chakra's and Essential Oils

What are Chakra's?

There are 7 Major Chakra's in our body from the lower spine to crown, and each Chakra radiates energy to different organs of the body. If they get blocked or out of sync, then this can lead to feeling ill or out of salts.

So there will be a need to re-balance the Chakras.

Thats where Reiki comes in to help address this.

All of this is my opinion and you should seek Medical Advice for any ill health issues.

Reiki is  complementary to help with relaxation, de-stressing and pain relief.


Essential Oils.

We can use essential oils with the Reiki Session. There are lots of different oils for each Chakra.

We do not put oil directly onto your skin, we rub a small amount onto our hands, and you will breathe these in.

There are some for immune system, energy, relaxation, ect.

        1)   Root   - Red - (Spine/Glandular) - oil - Patchouli, Cypress.

                 2)   Sacral - Orange - (Ovaries/Testes) - oil - Sandalwood, Jasmine

3)   Solar Plexus -Yellow - (Adrenals) - oil - Ginger, Sage

                               4)   Heart - Green - (Thymus) - oil - Rose, Cedarwood

5)   Throat - Blue - (Thyroid) - oil - Lavender, Patchouli

                             6)    3rd eye/brow - D.Violet -  (Pituitary) - oil - Frankincense, Geranium

The oils I have mentioned are not all that can be used for each Chakra, but these are ones I have used to help with balancing your energy centres of the body.

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