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I have been trying to get to this post for a few weeks, but life took over!

I went to keep my French girl friend company, when she had some French friends arrive, one she had not seen since school years before.

The arrangement was to meet at a local restuarant, we got there  just before them, oh by the way 5 guys and 1 girl! so here I was one english girl surrounded with the Frenchies.! lol!

Anyway a lot of french later, me just a tiny amount, but a Professor that could speak english aswell. I had already said who ever can speak English sit next to me!

When I started to get tuned in Psychic wise to the French girl, I had her mother standing beside me, as in passed over, lol!

From then on the evening got interesting, as all the guys were wanting to see if I had anything for them, fun evening!

Then as my French girlfriend and I left they stood and gave me the Queens wave, hilarious!

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