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    I was asked what can a Client bring to a Reading Session, which made me stop and think for a moment.

Clients are a mixed bunch of people, from children to Seniors, and everyone in between.

In order to get the maximum out of a Reading with me, is to come first with an open mind, because that helps you to be open to Spirit and connect to your passed family.

The second thing I would say is please don't bring anything except yourself and a few questions, and the first name of anyone you want to connect with, as I tune into your vibration and voice. If you bring anything personal, to me that's a distraction, and then I feel under pressure to perform, in as much you want to connect to that item, when spirit on the day may have different messages for you to receive.

Sometimes it's better to have a phone Reading, it's no different to me, in person or phone, but Clients do like to come in person also.

In the Reading I don't look at you all the time, as I'm concentrating and I scribble in a pad, I also record a courtesy recording, which is sent to your email later on, as once I'm finished with the session, I do not retain it in my head.

Clients should not put pressure, control or expectation on themselves, or the Psychic Medium, as to what they want to get out of the Reading, every Reading is different, and what you want to know on the day , is sometimes different to what you need to know, and of course you have free will afterwards to do what you want with your knowledge from the Reading!

All I ask Clients is they're first name, for the Appointment, and contact number, and a few questions they would like answered, most people want to know about, family here and past, work, love, job, relationships!

I don't research, nor do I or have the time, energy or careless about checking up on anyone, what would be the point of that! you either have a gift for Reading or you don't, I'm not here to prove myself, defend myself, or anything else, I have Testimonials from past/present Clients, that you can check up on.

I hope that by coming and being yourself, and having a connection with your loved ones in Spirit, it will help to ease your minds, and bring peace and closure, to what your seeking!

On another note, Spirit is in control on the day, I am only a conduit being used to channel your loved ones, sometimes messages come through that you don't understand, negate, or just cannot put your mind to it, then I ask just take the messages, because sometimes, after the session, when you have spoken to family, it is confirmed , or if it's in the future, you will have to wait and see.

I would like to remind Clients that no one can be correct 100% of the time, as when messages come through, it's not always like a phone call, I'm getting several messages at once, from different loved ones, also symbols and pictures, so just take the messages, even if it's from the past, and you have no knowledge of it, because someone else maybe able to confirm.

A final note, I get told oh you have a natural gift, to be able to do this work, I see it as a given tool to be able to help people in ways that bring, peace and harmony and closure for Clients, and give rewarding experience, on the day.

A thought, those that believe, do not need proof of anything, those that don't, there never will be enough proof!

Namaste. Jacqui :)

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