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Reiki Session

Reiki is a natural holistic complementary modality to help with stress relief, and relaxation, that also promotes healing and helps with your pain threshold. It is not a cure for any diseases, but a help with relaxing the body. We see it as a supplementary energy therapy that works in harmony with other types of medicine to combat anxieties and illnesses.

It is a laying of hands above or on certain areas of the body, while you are fully clothed, It covers emotional, mental and physical areas.

 Master Reiki Practitioners are used as conduits, channeling the healing to areas in the Client's body that is in need of help, cleansing and relaxing.

Sometimes Jacqui will get messages from Spirit when doing a Reiki Session, such as what you need to eat or drink, or what you should not do, or a passed love one wants to get in touch with you, that's just because Jacqui is a Medium.

We have to be Attuned by a Master Reiki Practitioner, the Lineage goes back Centuries via a Dr Usi, in Japan.

  • Initial greet and introductions

  • Sign in, go over consent form and discuss why you have decided to make a reiki appointment

  • Choose an essential oil (optional)

  • Remain fully clothed but, remove shoes, glasses, phone on silent please.

  • Lay down, face up, on massage table.

  • Calming music will be played in the background, May use sound bowl, clear and align your Chakras and Aura. Crystals are used to help with the Energy channeling.

  • Once the session is over, you may continue to relax for a while.

  • You will need to drink water to flush out toxins.

  • Price for session is $75 for 30mins

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