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   March 2020 K

I really look forward to my Readings with Jacqui,

They are on point and the advice she gives is an added bonus!

Dec 2019 j

Jacqui has been doing Readings for me foe several years now,I believe she gets better everytime. Her Readings are spot on, she has connected with my deceased parents on many occasions. I KNOW it is them coming through, she has even connected with a life long friend who had passed. She has enlightened me on many subjects, I have referred many friends to her, and i know they were not disappointed!

April 2019 LK

Wonderful energy and bright light!

April 2019 BV

Love how light and happiness i feel, after meeting with Jacqui!

2019 B 


2018 JK

Jacqui is an extremely talented Reiki Master and Psychic Medium. My husband and i have known Jacqui for a few years and have received Reiki treatments and Readings from her numerous times. In fact, we were so pleased with everything, we even bought gift certificates for friends and family so they would get to experience Jacqui's talents to! In terms of her readings, she is absolutely amazing. In fact one of our last Readings with her(to discuss both of our jobs) she was spot on. For my husband, she said that he would find a new job in 15-18 months, an offer that would be to good to pass up, but there would be some traveling, well "update" its been 14 months since then and he has just received an offer for a new job! to good to pass up, she even bought up a pet Bunnie, that had passed, that we did not ask her about ( when we were talking about are other pets)

SHE is the real deal. We are so happy to have met Jacqui, forever grateful.

Thank you so much Jacqui.

Clients of JK Reiki Energy, for the privacy of our clients we have only used first names or initials.

If you are wanting a Reading, Reiki Session or ARt work, please call or email me, Thank you.

CC April 2018

"Jacqui is a multi-talented Reiki Master Practitioner,Psychic/Medium and Artist.

I have had multiple readings with Jacqui and have found that they fill me with comfort and peace. Additionally, it's reassuring to know that your loved ones are always with and you providing guidance in your life.

I realize that people are skeptical and dont believe, but until you

During a Reading, you will know without doubt that your talking to your loved ones,every family has its own speech, phrases and idioms, and it would be impossible for Jacqui to know this.

Experience a Reading for yourself, you will never understand the magnitude of this woman's gift. Just like any person who is gifted musician, athelete,scientist or multi-linquist.

I also have had Reiki Healing Sessions, sometimes, you don't always feel any change, but it does happen. This mode of healing is focused on what you need and not necessarily what you want.

As an Artist, Jacqui has the unique Talent to create beautiful Watercolors that will touch your heart, she can create Custom Art to enjoy yourself or give as a gift.

Reena 2017

march 2017 LAURIE

Jacqui was very insightful and helpful in areas of my life that needed changing. I felt lighter and more positive afterwards.

W 2016

She is very insightful, it was a great experience!

Reena D 2016

JK was amazing, kind and specific.I would highly recommend her, I really enjoyed our time, thank you Jacqui


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